St. Leonard's Church

Services at St. Leonard's

Our services in church have been temporarily reduced.



8.00am Holy Communion (BCP) on the first Sunday of the month

9.30am Holy Communion: a said service with a choir singing.

11.15am The Meeting Place: An informal service with contemporary music 




11.00am Holy Communion: a said service without choir or singing (on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month only)



Our online services with singing, a sermon and prayers continue to be available each Sunday.

St Leonard’s Church is primarily a place for Christian worship and is also a quiet oasis, open every morning of the week and some afternoons, where individuals may pause for peace and for prayer.

Some come to give thanks for good things, some to ask for God’s help, others to pray or to ask for prayers for those they love.

The church is a place where Christian teaching, counsel and pastoral care are offered. It is a place of fellowship for anyone, whether they belong to the church or not. It is also a springboard for Christian evangelism, social action and outreach into the wider community.

St. Leonard’s Church is a prominent landmark at the centre of Seaford, its imposing tower catches the eye of people entering the town along its main roads, or walking on the nearby chalk cliffs, and it is also plainly visible from offshore. A flag flies here on festivals and since the beginning of this millennium both tower and nave have been gently floodlit at night.

The church also serves as a venue for various big events, including civic and community occasions, services for war veterans, scouts and guides, school celebrations, and musical concerts.