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Growing Happiness!

We all have times, both children and adults, when we don’t feel positive, when things seem to get on top of us, moments of self doubt, and low days. Try these easily accessible, fun activities, which look at building a sense of gratitude, happiness and self awareness. Making us look more for those things which we are thankful for, and that make us happy. Do them with your child, as a family, or individually to see what a difference they can make.

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Gratitude for things is a great source of mental well-being and can lift spirits and build a more positive mindset. It makes us think happier! 

  • Day by Day build a piece of art / collage each day add something you are grateful for however small – the weather, food, a gift, a friend, a toy etc.
  • Make Thank you cards telling the person what you are thankful for – their help, friendship, smile, kindness etc. 
  • Thank You Tree – Draw a tree trunk and branches. Cut out paper leaves and write or draw something you are grateful for on them. Add them to your tree.  Trying adding more each day. 
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Being creative can take us out of the moment and help us into a happy and calm place. It can really make us focus on what makes us happy, making that image stronger and longer lasting in our mind.

  • Celebration Board – Choose a place to celebrate success whether its a model built, puzzle done, a meal made, or a seed grown. Put an image, or word up to represent the success as a daily reminder.
  • Happy Map – draw, paint, collage a happy place either in the home, garden or further away. Add words that you feel in that place eg: calm, happy, warm, safe etc.
  • Happy Colours – Pick happy colours and draw / paint anything you like with them. Think about how they make you feel as you work.
toddler looking at believe in yourself graffiti


Art gives us time to focus on who we are, to help us pin point our strengths and interests. In doing this we become more aware of ourselves and helps us to build up are self esteem and confidence.
  • Create your own coat of arms / shield. Think about what you enjoy and are good – cake making, drawing, talking etc. Draw a symbol of these on your shield. 
  • Make a values box. Find or make a box – colour, paint, and decorate this in your own style. Then, put items in here that are important to you – anything from particular words / photos /  
  • Choose an animal you like, or you think you are like. Draw yourself as that animal.