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Crafts to Help you Connect with Others

It’s not always possible to see those we would like to at the moment, but making and sending these crafts to others may just help spread the love. Have Fun!

Chain Link

Cut strips of coloured paper, or use white paper and colour it. Old wrapping paper / magazines / newspapers can work too!

Think about all the people you miss and write one name on each strip.  (You could ask friends and family to send you a strip with their name written on it, or send a strip to others with your name on).

Then whoever has the strips makes one into loop, then gradually add each strip to the first loop to build a chain, using the last one to make a circle of linked friends and family. 

Now when you look at this it will remind you of all the people you know and that they are still connected to you even if you can’t see them just now. 


Send a Hug

You will need:

  • 2 long strips of paper – magazine paper, brown paper, etc will  do.
  • 1 heart shape paper coloured red.
  • 2 hand shapes


Write your name on one arm and the person yo are sending a hug to on the other arm.

Use the picture to join the pieces together to make a paper hug.

Now link the hands in a hug or leave them open if you prefer.

Now you can send the hug to the person you can’t hug yet, or pop it through their door if you can. 

Ball of Connection

You will need: 

  • 8 equal  length strips of stiffish paper or then card – about 15cm long.
  • A whole punch or sharp pointed tool.
  • 2 split pins or paper clips.


On each strip write a name of a person you love being with (when you can). 

Punch or make a hole at each end of all the strips.

Use 1 split pin, or paperclip (loosely bent over) to hold all the strips together at one end. Then repeat at the other end keeping the strips flat as in the image.

Carefully spread the strips out to form the ball shape. 

You, your friends and family are now connected in a beautiful shape. A reminder of hoe many people are thinking of and know you. 

Why not make another one to give to someone you know?