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Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash

Crafts and Activities 1

A selection of activities and crafts for you to enjoy.

flat lay photography of purple and red leaves


How many different coloured and shaped leaves can you find in your garden, the park or forest?

Which one is your favourite?


Choose a leaf and stick it onto a piece of paper.

Can you make it into an animal? person? car? rocket?

Maybe you can create a whole picture with several leaves.


yellow plastic sticks on pink surface

Thread pasta tubes / shapes onto string or elastic to make a necklace or braclet.

You could try colouring the pasta first with crayon, felts or paint. Check the colour doesn’t come off before you wear your creation.


white paper on white floor tiles

Screw up some pieces of paper into ball shapes.

Make a target(s) – a shallow tray(s) to aim into, upturned plastic cup(s) to knock over – you could stack them up.

Now flick, throw, or bat with your hand the paper balls at the target you build.

You can make up your own scoring system – enjoy!

POP INTO St LEONARD’s CHURCH – mornings Mon -Sat

Have a look around and see if you can find the soldier leaning against his backpack. If you’re stuck you can always ask a steward to help you. Good Luck!