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Crafts 2 Christmas Calmers

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Fun activities to provide a moment of peace and calm in the busyness of Christmas.

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Let your child pick a picture from a selection of old greetings cards, or  magazine pictures.

Let them, or you, cut the image into pieces – any size you like – using straight or curved lines.  You can adapt the size and number of pieces to the age of  your child.

Can they re-create the image. 

What’s the quickest time they can do it in?


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Find a symmetrical photo, greetings card, or magazine picture.

Carefully cut it in half.

Now try to re draw the missing half of the picture.

How well did you do?

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Take a walk around your neighbourhood.

Take a clipboard with you and …

A) see how many Santas, reindeer and/or snowmen you can find.

B) see how many different coloured doors you can find.

C) see how many of each colour door you find. Which one as the most popular?

Which one was your favourite?

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Make a basic biscuit mixture.

Use ready made cutters, or a card template and cut out moon / star shapes.

Bake – Decorate – Eat!


Visit the church website and follow the Advent Trail around Seaford own to discover the hidden message.

Happy  Crafting! 

Please email if you would like more support ideas and help.