The Parish of Sutton with Seaford

made perfect in weakness

sermon preached stLukes from 2 Cor 12.  My grace is sufficient for you. That’s today’s take home point. I would like you to memorise this verse – My grace is sufficient for you for my power is made perfect in weakness. I want you to try this this week, perhaps as a prayer, as a […]

Can I get my child christened and other FAQs

Welcome to the first FAQs on Christening. The first question is “Can I get my child christened?”  Hello There, I’m Rev James Hollingsworth, the vicar of st Leonard’s and St Lukes in Seaford. I’ve been asked a bunch of questions about Christenings so I thought I might try and answer some of them. In These […]

You’re a mug. a treasured treasurefull mug

When you’re asked later what you did today and you say I went to Church and then they say What did the preacher say then you can say Well, the preacher told me I am a mug. To which they will say ‘I could’ve told you that for free’ and then you say I am […]

The Gift is the Giver

(photo is of Seaford Primary School a year 3 class who created this mobile on Pentecost, it will hang in St Leonard’s for a week) Come Holy Spirit. Come Holy Spirit and visit us this morning that we may encounter more of your love and power today.  Amen,   This is the moment, Pentecost, when […]

Eternal life, eternal love, eternal light

1 John 5.9-13 (May 12th 2024 preached at 8am). (Photo is of model yachts racing, my job was to watch for illegal contact!) We’ve been enjoying the First letter of John for about 5 weeks. We’ve seen a constant reminder that we are to Love One Another. And this sermon will say the same thing! […]

You’re a Keeper!

(1 John 5.1-6) (Photo is of a kind fella attaching a bat box / swift box to my roof) You are a keeper. When you see someone later and they say Oh what did you do over the weekend, you can say Well I went to Church and the preacher told me that I am […]

Perfect love drives out fear

(1 John 4 28th April 2024) (photo is of my son’s car after i’d washed it!) Today’s take home point is Love One Another. You should be thinking – ?isn’t that what Derreck preached last week, and ?isn’t that what I preached the week before that. Good, well done. St John said in his first […]

Receive Love Live Repeat

1 John 3.16–24 Receive Love Live Repeat. Can you say that for me? Receive Love Live Repeat. And again … Ok John, St John, wrote three letters, We’re going to have a look at them this morning. John is not Paul.   St Paul wrote his letters in a fiercely passionate, tightly argued didactic style […]

You are a child of God!

“See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are!” I would quite like you to have a go at learning that verse as a memory verse. I want you, me, us, to go out this morning knowing that we are […]

Easter tells us that Good Friday worked

Mark 16 Easter 2024 31st March  (Mark 16.1-8) Hallelujah Christ is risen – He is risen indeed hallelujah!   The women go to the tomb with one worry – Who will roll the stone away – and they come away different – yes differently worried, but also changed, transformed.   The angel says Do not […]