The Parish of Sutton with Seaford

Be A Lert

from a sermon preached 3rd Dec Advent 1 2023 St Lukes Happy New Year! Today is the first day of the new year of the Church – I don’t think its just the CofE I think that all churches do this – certainly methodists and RCs. Anyway Happy New Year. You can go about wishing […]

Wineskin in the smoke

(A sermon preached on 19th Nov 2023 from Psalm 119v73-88) How do you see yourself? Someone recently made a mistake and then immediately said to me – ‘Oh I’m such an idiot, such a fool, I feel so embarrassed’. And I thought ‘Wow that was bit unnecessary!’ But we’re quite good at putting ourselves down. […]

War and Peace

A sermon preached by Rev Arwen Folkes on Remembrance Sunday at 11.30am   What thoughts have we, as we keep our two minutes silence? Perhaps a family member whose name is a precious inheritance? Maybe the wars, past and present, raging, boiling and hurting? Perhaps the children, displaced and left without home or parents? Maybe […]

Self-Supporting Ministry at 60

  As many of you will know, I am a self-supporting minister or SSM in the Church of England. Some of you may be more familiar with the term NSM which is a non-stipendiary minister and exactly the same role! 2023 is a significant year for Self-Supporting Ministers in the Church of England. It marks […]

A Psalm for when you’re not fine

a sermon preached on Psalm 27 I asked someone last week – How are you feeling – she said ‘Fine’ , I said Really? She said well in the sense that Fine is an Acronym for Frustrated, Insecure, Nervous, Exhausted – yes I’m F.I.N.E.   So this is a sermon for all those of you […]

How to be a Godparent

Today’s Reading is very short. Just one verse. From the prophet Amos 5v24 –  24 But let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream!   So my question to you is What does that look like for you tomorrow? God is calling us to create a better world – a world full of Justice […]

Prophecy Hope

(a sermon I preached on Ezekiel 37) What a fabulous visceral image. Bones that rattle and pull together and then marrow and then tendons and then skin, and finally breath – wow.   The punch line to all of this is Then, Then you will know that I the Lord have spoken. Its part of […]

God doesn’t quit on you

A sermon preached in St Lukes on Ezekiel 36.22-28. A new heart. Sunday 8th Oct 2023.   As you listen to this reading – What jumps out to you, what sounds weird? What do you think is the take home point?   Hope. God hasn’t given up on me on you.   Not for your […]


HOLY LAND 2024 Come with me to the Holy Land! Below you should find a Brochure, an Itinerary, a booking form, and something about travel insurance. WHEN: Flying out on Tuesday 24th September 2024 and flying back on Friday October 4th. HOW MUCH: £2859 – this includes everything, flights and all. It doesn’t cover lunch. […]

Remember God before

(a sermon preached on 17th Sept, based on Ecclesiastes 12) Remember God. Remember God when you wake up; “thank you Lord for this morning, that you have restored my soul”; when you go to the toilet “thank you Lord that these bits of mine are working”; when you eat your breakfast, when you find yourself […]