Spoiler Alert: He wins!

This was the sermon I preached on Facebook on 17th January 2021 Spoiler Alert! He wins! So hang on in there. Keep the faith. Or as Jesus puts it: Follow me. I want you to go through this week and pray: Lord open my eyes, I want to see, I want to see the way […]

With you I am well pleased

With you I am well pleased James preached this sermon on 10th January 2021, (Mark 1.4-11, Acts 19.1-7). You can read the text below or watch the whole service on our YouTube Channel. https://youtu.be/FdjQ_LktT3o I’ve been afraid this week of turning on the news. When we heard about Trump’s appalling inciteful speech and then the […]

Leave out your Crib set a little longer

Pastoral letter 1st January 2021. Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ Can I cautiously, nervously, tentatively, wish you a Happy New Year? We are likely to remain in this state of lock down, I should think until Easter. A computer guestimates that I might be in the vaccine queue by mid-June. May you have yours […]

Baby Jesus – not a cute gift

This is the sermon James preached on 3rd Jan 2021. Epiphany. Matthew 2.1-12. Expect Magi. What did you get for Christmas? We would usually have gathered as a big Clan Gathering but alas, so we decided that instead of me buying a present for my brother-in-law, for example, that I would buy a present for […]

3rd January 2021 9.30am Order of service

Here’s a printable pdf version: Sing1: Angels from the realms of glory, Wing your flight o’er all the earth: Ye who sang creation’s story, Now proclaim Messiah’s birth: Come and worship, Christ, the new-born King, Come and worship, Worship Christ, the new-born King. Sages, leave your contemplations, Brighter visions beam afar; Seek the great Desire […]

Wrapping up the Year

From the Vicarage, a service and sermon on 27th Dec, 1 John 1 and John 21.19-end. Happy Christmas! Today I want you to think about how to wrap up this year. We wont do it in this service, we will begin it today, but I would like you to work on this through this week. […]

Christmas Day sermon

I hope that pretty much everyone of you will be pulling a Christmas Cracker later on today. I want to infuse it with some extra meaning – Christingle style you might say – What does it tell us about the True meaning of Christmas? i) the first thing is the Bang (volunteer – pull the […]

Hands Face Space

This is the sermon Derreck preached at Christmas Eve Communion 11.30pm Intro:   What would you think and feel if I was to say the words…… Hands-Face-Space ?!             You may feel a sense of gloom, heaviness even despair/anxiety, maybe even frustration, anger – not what you want to experience or feel in a Midnight service. […]

27th December 9.30am Order of Service.

Do join us on Facebook at 9.30am – https://www.facebook.com/seafordparishsussex Here’s a pdf of the service: ALAS we’re not meeting in St Leonard’s or in St Luke’s on 27th December just while we evaluate the risk assessments. Instead our morning service will come from the vicarage. You can join us live or later on Facebook (link […]

The Carol Service Sermon

What are you going to do with the faith that you’ve re-found this year? With the faith that has been re kindled this year? I hear talk of When things get back to Normal… But I wonder if you remember that actually there never was a normal. That we started the year with Australia on […]