Building Emotional Resilience / Wellbeing

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Help your child develop good enough emotional resilience so they can better manage and bounce back from stressful or difficult situations and prevent them from being overwhelming. Resilience is developed from birth so it’s never to early to start.  Providing a Nurturing Environment – building self-esteem Value your child’s decisions and choices – you don’t […]

Crafts and Activities 1

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A selection of activities and crafts for you to enjoy. LEAF HUNT How many different coloured and shaped leaves can you find in your garden, the park or forest? Which one is your favourite? LEAF PICTURE Choose a leaf and stick it onto a piece of paper. Can you make it into an animal? person? […]

Encouraging Reading

Encouraging Reading Not everyone loves reading – some are just not interested, some too busy, some find it too hard and others may have dyslexia. While some of these ideas and strategies may help those with dyslexia, more information can also be found here. Modelling- it’s a great motivator Let children see you reading – […]

Managing Screen Time

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Screen time is great, but do you ever wish you could reduce the time your child spends looking at a screen? Take a look at the following ideas and use, or adapt them to see if they can help you reduce screen time. Including your child in discussions and decisions about time limits is crucial […]