Through this week I’ve been recording on Facebook little reflections on Ephesians 1.15-23. It might help to have a little read of that as you read these thoughts:

On Monday (vs 15) I said You are God’s gift to me, and God help you, I am God’s gift to you.

St Paul encourages us to pray prayers where we give thanks to God for each other. Every time you remember someone, whisper a really short prayer. Thank you Lord for that Person. Some will be easier than others but keep at it.

On Tuesday – (vs17)  I asked you to pray for me and the prayer to pray is – Please God help James know God better.

St Paul prays for the Church in Ephesus and you might think he’d pray for health or wealth or an end to persecution, or success in whatever they’re doing. But no, Paul prays that God would give you the Spirit of wisdom and revelation – so that you might know God better.

So, so far I am thanking God for you, and I am praying that you may know God better.

On Wednesday: (vs 18) The healing power of hope:

We’re struggling with Hope, it seems in short supply. This year has been so bizarre at so many levels. Paul is praying that our hearts might see more, odd that, not that our eyes might see more, not that our brains might see more, but our hearts. When all is well most people I think reflect the hope and joy that is around them. That’s nice.

But when all is not so well, then sometimes we struggle, and in the darkness we begin to see who it is who is shining from the inside.

Jesus the light of the world – and here we come close to Advent and Christingle – Jesus comes as the Light of the world to shine in our hearts.

So my prayer today is that your heart, my heart, might receive more light, so that we could see more hope, and perhaps we might come to know the healing power of hope in our hearts, and shine our little light in the darkness today.

On Thursday: (vs20)

There’s a bit in John’s gospel where Jesus says, a couple of times, that he and the Father are going to come and make their homes in you, in me. In Romans, Paul gets excited and talks about how God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit.

We have up days and down days, Days when we feel close to God and days when we don’t.

As you read this passage  remember that this is the God who has come to make his home in you, this is the power of the love that has been poured into your hearts.

On Friday: (vs22)

So today we hear the call to be part of something that is so much bigger than our own lives, own agendas, own plans and hopes and fears. 

We the Church, we are filled with God’s resurrection power, and hope, and love.

Jackie Pullinger prays that we might have hard feet and soft hearts – Hard feet because we have been walking about the place showing the love of God in how we live and give hope to others. And Soft hearts. Rather than the other way round – hard hearts and soft feet.

May you have hard feet and a soft heart. Amen.

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