As we begin a second lockdown and approach winter it looks like the opportunities for you to get to know James and I face to face are rather limited. So we thought we would start to tell you a bit about ourselves through this blog. So you can tell who is writing I am going to start mine as a series called ‘Lucy loves….’ And see where it goes.

So my first ‘Lucy loves…’ is Lucy loves walks to the sea! As we moved to Seaford I set myself a challenge to walk to the sea every day in October. So since 1st October I have done this and I am still going and I have found it to be such an amazing blessing, physically, mentally and spiritually. We are so blessed to live in a town by the sea and for me this is new. The sea and the sky look different every day from bright blues to misty greys. Some days are warm, some days are so cold and windy it hurts. A couple of days it was dark but still beautiful.

I love my walks to the sea. It’s 1,000 steps from my front door to the beach and I take a variety of different routes and I walk at different times. If you see me please do say hello and introduce yourself, I am looking forward to meeting you.

Every blessing


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