Managing Screen Time
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Managing Screen Time

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Screen time is great, but do you ever wish you could reduce the time your child spends looking at a screen? Take a look at the following ideas and use, or adapt them to see if they can help you reduce screen time.

Including your child in discussions and decisions about time limits is crucial to helping them feel part of the process. This helps them feel that they have an element of control, so they are more likely to engage and follow the rules. Doing with, not too! 


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Talking about and setting limits on your own screen time (to check personal emails etc), at the same time will also add weight to the likelihood of children complying with their limited timeYou’re in it together!

Talk with them about what they need screen time to do.

Talk about what a reasonable time(s) is each day / spread over the week to do this in is and why.


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Talk about when this agreed screen time could happen within each day – either in one or two sessions. (Remember to include your decisions about your time if doing this alongside.)

Set non-negotiable times such as mealtimes, after a set time in the morning / evening to allow preparation for school / bed, when you have commitments etc. Otherwise, let the child / YP set the times for each day (this may have to happen the night before for the following day or planned a week at a time depending on your circumstances and the child).


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Create a timetable by way of an agreement.

Stickers / stars / smilies could be given each time the limit was followed and an award of extra time at the end of the week if all (or all but 1) limits were kept to.

STAY STRONG – don’t weaken. Children will always push boundaries to see if they are still there. An adults role is to keep the boundaries firm – it helps children feel safe and know where they stand.

Good Luck. Please email if you would like more support ideas and help.